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    ShadowxTawni Hippogriff Chicks

    Doodle Cloud
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    ShadowxTawni Hippogriff Chicks Empty ShadowxTawni Hippogriff Chicks

    Post by Doodle Cloud on Fri Jun 15, 2012 5:08 pm

    No pics yet sorry...will add ASP...

    There are two of them, both very powerful...

    Zuri is a jet black hippogryph from head to toe. Her torso is like a griffon, but she has the hind end of a horse. She has green eyes, and the wings of her mother and the horn of her father. She also has a horse mane, and griffon tail with a small tuft that resemble's a horse tail at the end of it. Her mane-tail tip core is also black, and it sparkles like her father. Her talent is ninja-style fighting teniques. Her cutie mark will be white appalossa like mark with a pony's shadow in it.
    Ceaser is a brown, russet, white, and black calico colored stallion that takes after his horse side mostly, only his mane is made of white and black feathers and he has a griffon tail. He also has lion-like hind legs. He has pesasus wings and a unicorn horn. His talent is fencing and swordwork, and is also talented in magic a little bit, his cutie mark is a bejewled golden sword.

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    Post by Shadowpony on Sat Jun 16, 2012 8:20 am

    I'll take Ceaser

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