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    Purchase VIP Membership Empty Purchase VIP Membership

    Post by Doodle Cloud on Sun Jun 03, 2012 2:06 pm

    For 5,000 bits per month or by winning a contest one can recieve VIP membership. With that you get the right to RPG in both pony tribes, plus acess to a store with new products you can buy! Here are some of the items you can get with your VIP membership: A custom pony tribe, the ability to create your own pony species and profit off of it, custom smilies, and VIP exclusive pony species! So whats the wait? Start saving for prenuim today!

    When you purchase or earn prenuim for the first time you'll recive:
    Like a Star @ heaven 3 free character spaces!
    Like a Star @ heaven A free VIP exclusive Flutter Pony character.
    Like a Star @ heaven 25% off a purchase in the store every time you get person to join our site until you prenuim acount is over. Surprised

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