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    Info on this Kingdom: Empty Info on this Kingdom:

    Post by Doodle Cloud on Sat Jun 02, 2012 3:11 pm

    Butterfly Island, home of this Kingdom, is a very exotic Island that fits the exotic nature of the kingdom. The wild life is all tropical with many gaint butterflies, strong elephants, mysterious tigers, ect...If it's exotic and/or tropical you can find it here. The land is covered in white beaches, mysterious marshes, lush rainforests, and neverending savanahs. There is only one downside to this island, it has an active volcano that has been known to set the island aflame.... The culture of the island is a mix of Asian-Indain culture and Hawwian culture. So yoy will see lots of Indain style buildings and Hawwian style beach parties and Grass skirts! This Island also hosts a popular surfing contest too!

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